is a Women’s Global Community to nourish your mind, body and lifestyle.

Nourishment can be wild, dynamic and rapturous.  It’s not just about your meals, it’s the manner you are living moment-to-moment and it’s within every divine bit of you.  Come explore your health, body and femininity with other women who are traveling and claiming their lives.

Take a peek and join the conversation!

With Radiance and Love,
Nicole Ohebshalom


Do you criticize what you see in the mirror?

Do you feel a strong need to begin receiving more affection, love and attention to yourself?

Do you feel like you are obsessing and feeling compulsive about food?

Want to feel balanced and healthy around food?

Want to uncover who you already are and connect to your radiance and joy?

Want to love your body and feel comfortable in your own skin every single day?

Want to find the time to actually take care of yourself?

In this program we will uncover who you are while connecting you to your radiance and joy.  And when you begin to love and accept yourself unconditionally, just the way you are…everything in life will change.

– Your health improves

– You live with more passion and fun

– You will discover simple yet powerful internal tools for knowing when, what, and how much to eat

– You will uncover and own your confidence

– You will end mindless and emotional eating.

– You connect with a new love for eating, your body and life

– You will boost your metabolism and increase your energy and fitness painlessly

– You will begin to define your sensuality

– You begin living the life you desire instead of suiting others

This break-through program is designed to teach you all of this, and more.  You will believe that beauty, value, and love are not achievements at later dates when circumstances in your life changes.  You can expect them and experience them right now, in this moment.

Goodies and Extras!
20-min Consultation with Nicole Ohebshalom to get you customized and ready for taking charge in your life with this group of supportive and inspiring women!
Online Community Group for 24 hour a day support and community building to inspire you

Date: Mondays- January 11, 18, 25, and February 1 (This event includes all 4 days)
Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm EST
Place: Worldwide: Teleconference and NYC- Live (will receive address once you sign-up)
Price: $175 (includes all 4 days)

Register here by emailing me to join an inspiring community of women!

Meet Nicole Ohebshalom, owner/creatrix of Radiant Living Wellness in New York, NY

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do professionally.
I’m the founder of Radiance Living Wellness, coaching and supporting women who are ready to create health, feel wonderful in their bodies and honor their femininity. Through yoga/meditation, nutritional wisdom and coaching, I help women step onto their path of personal happiness, balance their relationship with eating and their body, and connect them to their inner balance and radiance.

2. What do you enjoy most about your profession and why did you choose it in the first place?
I love working with my clients and observing their changes while being their cheerleader.  I’ve been on this path since high school by always asking questions, being curious on how transformation occurs, and having fun trying everything I learn about!

3. Tell us about the organizations your company supports and why?
My organization supports women that want to be love leaders in their life.  They want to connect with their core balance to own their beauty, enjoy their meals, and re-ignite the pleasure in their life.  Many women who have health issues such as menstrual disorders, digestive disorders or emotional eating are needing to re-balance themselves through yoga/meditation, nutritional wisdom and coaching, but their isn’t any other program out their to provide them with this fun balancing educational experience.  By working in the hospital and my personal experiences I knew it was vital for women to have this program.

4. What is the biggest risk you ever took professionally and/or the biggest obstacle you have overcome?
The biggest risk was to begin my own company with no experience or knowledge of what an entrepreneur was.  What I did have was my strong passion and knowledge, which is the fire that inspires me and the people I work with.

5.  From where do you draw inspiration? Who have been your role models, mentors, etc?
The daily inspiration I draw upon is my clients that I meet to create a radical change in their life.  My mentor is also my mom, aunt, sister, Hari Kaur Khalsa and Karen Salmansohn.

6. How is the current economic situation affecting your company/organization?
It’s been wonderful because it has given me the chance to really dive into how I envision my practice in assisting women around the world.  I am in the works of many projects that will deliver daily useful information without leaving their home.

7. What one thing would you like to learn this year?
I want to learn how to fly a small plane! to be amongst the sky and breath in that beauty!

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
With a child, a PhD in psychology and having fun working with women and in my personal life!

9. What do you do for fun/relaxation/entertainment?
always yoga! reading, movies, laughing, dancing, painting, and cooking

For more information, visit: WEBSITE URL: www.RadiantLivingWellness

I’m writing to you from the train…I love the power we now have to communicate with a community. While sitting here I had a desire to share my thoughts on the disconnection (or some call it: negative) we hold with our body. As creatures in this world, we have a difficult time allowing others to notice our “flaws”, which leads us to live with a closed heart. Closing our hearts limits your power, holds back your emotional growth and limits relationships in your life. When you open your heart with yourself and in a community then you experience your beauty, strengthand radiance. You begin to love your body, create healthy eating habits and love your life!

Okay..time to get ready for my stop. Having lunch with my grandma!!! I’ll be back in the city soon so no worry if we have a session tonight I’ll be there!!

What’s that tight feeling in your gut really about? Why has your body suddenly flipped the switch and protested so you can’t eat your favorite meal? It feels like your body and food has become this big project that you detest and want to feed to the dogs. I’m going to get you to see how to begin to unravel and re-calibrate that flip switch within you and your gut.
During my experience with private clients, I’ve worked with a variety of women and men with different digestive disorders. I’ve become her/his last resort after years of trying every doctor and nutritionist. They’ve spent hours in the emergency room with no tangible answer to their questions and pains. Within weeks, my clients have experienced relief while understanding of their body and life. The stress of experiencing digestive disorder can create more stress, disconnection, imbalance, and heaviness within their body. Your gut pain is now causing more gut pain.

What does your inner-workings have to say about this? Your stomach is the harbor house of your hormones and for many people, the home base of their emotions. Your gut isn’t just digesting food (fyi: digestion process needs hormones) but is a major part of many other functions in your body including the stress response. With all the stress we have in life (and there is a variety) then our biochemistry changes. When we experience chronic stress in any level, our gut responds.

What’s Gut Stress? When you don’t speak up about your desires, when your not enjoying your meal, when you try ten different outfits in the morning, or when you close your inner-ear to your gut feeling. This is creation of turmoil in the gut.

Do you ever say: I followed my Gut? Then you got to pay attention and keep it healthy physically and emotionally. In yoga, below the belly button is life force and intuition that we work on building strength. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you and you will feel a juicy ease in your body and in life.

When clients stop listening to their gut and unconsciously creating habits that hurt their gut then emotional eating becomes a big part of their lives. Most times people become confused with what to eat or what lifestyle technique they will add into their daily life routine. My tip jar is a great place to begin and joining my next group coaching program:

Nicole’s Inner-Gut Tip Jar:
1. What are you feeling? Try getting past the good and bad, or happy and sad comments. Really take a moment to see what emotion you are experiencing.
2. What do you need? Our desires are our life energy.
3. Use your voice by asking yourself or another person to meet your need.

The gut can experience more imbalance and stress for you during the holiday season. This group is to keep yourself on a healthy, easy, and fun path:

Have you ever spent an evening seducing yourself? I’m not writing about the moment you got yourself feeling hot-and-sexy for a guy or girl.  I’m talking about enjoying the beauty and sensuality of being you.  Relishing you for yourself.  A moment (or thousands of them!) created by you filled to delight all your sensory pleasures.  I’m also talking to people married for 20 years.  The time you have with your partner doesn’t preclude the time you have with yourself, your femininity and your body.

I want to bring a taste of sensuality to your next meal.  Bringing pleasure to the plate is not only a vital element to your meal but also to life.  I believe a person’s relationship with eating is a mirror of their relationship with their life.  We either fear the pleasure of eating and create a battle with it or give in to food desires with little moderation.  Both containing a damaging effect to your physical and mental well-being.  Connecting with our sensuality and pleasure are elements that create a connection to our inner-core balance, allow us to enjoy a meal, and speeds up the metabolism.

The action of the chemical cholecystokinin (CCK) tells us the story of pleasure, sensuality, and metabolism.  CCK directly aids digestion, shuts down appetite, and stimulates the sensation of pleasure in the brain.  It has a big job!  The one chemical that controls metabolizing the meal is also telling us when it’s time to finish and creates an enjoyable experience.  This shows how pleasure, metabolism, and control of appetite are interwoven and enhanced by one another.

Want to re-active the pleasure hot button?  Let’s begins with connecting you to your physiologic relaxation state.  Pleasure loves slow and it thrives in a sensual space to bring us back into each moment.  Here is an guideline for your date:

  1. Dress yourself with something that makes you feel powerful, gentle, and feminine.  Fix your hair, wear your jewels, spray some perfume, and doll your face up!  After all you’re going out with the hottest girl!!
  2. Walk over to the mirror (slowly!)  Give a little wink and kiss to your hot self
  3. What is your favorite food to eat? Steak, soufflé, potato chips, chicken marsalis…anything you want, you can have.  The only must is placing the dish on your favorite dish! If you don’t have a favorite china-set then get paper plates with a fun décor.
  4. Time to create your atmosphere.  What will surround you? I love to have flowers next to me.  Which music will bring pleasure to you?  This is all about you, and not what you think would work best.  If you like rock music, chanting, or opera…then go for it!
  5. Everything is now placed in front of you.  It’s time to enjoy the meal.  Breath in the beauty around yourself.  Look at all the color in your meal and your atmosphere.  Relax into your body and allow yourself to enjoy every drop and tasty chew.

Feel and know that this beauty and pleasure is part of you.  The sensual beauty you are feeling comes from you and is always around when you want to access it.  The infusion of pleasure using the senses with your food brings the feminine out of you.  Connecting with your lively awakening sensuality with your meal, switches the gear on your metabolism.

Keep yourself on a healthy, easy, and fun path this holiday season!

This group is for the modern women to take pleasure from food, love her body, decrease her weight- and change her life.  Many women know what they ‘should’ be doing to take charge of their weight and eating.  The challenge is implementing and finding a plan that can stick with a person’s unique lifestyle.  If you don’t address the reasons you are turning to food- the weight and emotional eating struggles aren’t going to end.  This group program teaches you how to identify and develop the tools and activities you will need to make your changes fun and lasting.  This group will consist of coaching, yoga/meditation, and nutrition.


During the month together, you will:

–       Own your beauty and take pleasure from your body

–       Feel your gentle power and radiance as a woman, inside and out

–       Learn what triggers your eating, identify strategies to take control of emotional eating and access your true body hunger

–       Toss away diets while feeling your balance, losing weight, and decreasing cravings

–       Create a lifestyle filled with pleasure, relaxation, and balance-uniquely for you!

–       Access your inner ease and pleasure in the face of life’s challenges



Date: Sundays- November 22 and December 6, 13, 20

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Place: NYC- Live (will receive address once you sign-up)

World-Wide: we’re using Skype and Google Group

Price: $150

Sign-up:  and


Nicole Ohebshalom, founder of Radiance Living Wellness, coaches and supports women who are ready to create health, feel wonderful in their bodies and honor their femininity. Through yoga/meditation, nutritional wisdom and coaching, Nicole helps you step onto your path of personal happiness, balance your relationship with eating and your body, and connect you to your inner balance and radiance.  For more information about Nicole, please visit her website,

She has daily motivational discussions at